Sledgehammer Games, the creator of Advanced Warfare or the recent Vanguard, is in full development of the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. The information comes from Ralph Valve, British editor known for his often proven leaks on the license. He evokes in particular the desire of the narrative branch of the studio to continue its story in the universe of Vanguard, during the Second World War.

But faced with the very mixed reception suffered by the game, the publisher Activision would have demanded a change of direction from Sledgehammer to guarantee results. It is therefore towards another branch of Call of Duty that the developer has fallen back: Advanced Warfare. Total change of setting, no more historical conflicts and place in the future, even science fiction, a first in the Call of Duty universe at the time.

Ralph Valve also shares a hypothesis that could relate to Warzone 2.0. The battle royale is gradually charting its course independently of the main titles. We can then think that a shift towards SF could start with Warzone, since the game seems to be a constant testing ground.

As a game service, it must be regularly supplied with fresh content, an obligation that leaves the door open to all innovations to improve Activision’s FPS franchise.. The idea to bring out Advanced Warfare would come from Selgdehammer who would like to cut with the trend of modern titles, often rooted in conflicts, either current or past. Note that Advanced Warfare and its futuristic formula were not necessarily unanimous when the game was released in 2014.

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