Epic Games has multiplied collaborations for Fortnite in recent years and a multitude of universes have come to enhance the battle royale, whether through simple skins or via important events. A few years ago, Stranger Things had already appeared in Fortnite allowing players to face the Demogorgon, the antagonist. Three years later, the science fiction universe could be back.

A new Fortnite x Stranger Things collaboration?

As players prepare to host the special Halloween event, Fortnitemares, Stranger Things might make a small appearance. As revealed by HYPEX, famous dataminer, a clock has been added to the game files, called “grandfather clock” and could be a reference to the last season of Stranger Things. Warning, if you haven’t seen it yet, the following lines may contain some spoilers.

After the Demogorgon, it is therefore Vecna ​​who could arrive in the battle royale, and the mere presence of this clock suggests that we’re going to have more than just a skin. A special area, and potentially the universe he lives in, could be available on the battlefield and the clock could be a gateway, or a whole new item, opening up new possibilities in Fortnite.

We should know more soon, as the Fortnite Nightmares event kicks off on October 18. Other teasers, official this time, should be published on the web and in game in the coming days. In any case, if the universe of Stranger Things returns to Fortnite, Epic Games will not fail to warn us.

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