Towards the end of adult content on Nintendo Switch? According to a publisher, the manufacturer has reviewed its policy on this and has therefore been refused the release of their game.

No Nudity or Pornography on Nintendo Switch

According to publisher Gamuzumi, games with bare breasts and other sensitive content of the same genre would no longer be welcome on Nintendo Switch. Their next title with the evocative name of Hot Tentacles Shoot was rejected by the Japanese firm. Not for hypothetical pornographic scenes, since it is a Hentai software, but for the presence of uncensored bare breasts.

We received a response from Nintendo and now have confirmation that they no longer allow uncensored boobs on their console. Basically, obscene content could harm the brand and violate its policies. This means that from now on all games with bare breasts should be censored. And that’s why our Hot Tentacles Shoot game got rejected in the first place.

Similarly our recently announced game, Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle, was also rejected due to nudity. This is the only information we have for now, we will try to send the games back for validation without the nudity this time, see what they say or bring news if necessary.

As specified by our colleagues from VGC, the censorship may seem surprising because Big N had declared that it wanted to be more open to sensitive/violent content on Nintendo Switch. Some “Olé-Olé” titles, such as the one that can be played with one hand according to the product sheet, are however available. But bare breasts are perhaps the final straw. In the past, however, several games have been softened due to sexuality, references to Nazism, etc.

The console’s next big out, Bayonetta 3, will also be censored with a less provocative mode, but according to PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya, it’s not Nintendo’s fault.

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