Call of Duty is one of the most popular licenses, and each year the marketing campaign turns out to be quite important, multiplying partnerships. Very often, food brands get mixed up in this publicity, and it happens again for Modern Warfare 2, with Burger King, a famous fast food chain.

How to get the BK Operator skin in Modern Warfare 2?

operator-bkFor about a month, it is possible to recover an exclusive Operator skin, named Operator BK, “free of charge”, simply by going to a Burger King establishment. In France, the latter have been quite numerous for a short decade, since the brand has replaced Quick. Thus, several hundred “BK” are available throughout France.

Going back to our Operator skin for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, know that to receive it, you only have to buy a special menu, the “Whopper Cheese” menu, which offers a version with beef and a vegetarian version, so everyone can enjoy it. Once the order has been placed, you will have, on your receipt,a code giving you access to this BK Operator skin, but also a double EXP bonus.

How to enter Burger King code for MW 2 skin?

If you do not know where to enter this precious code to take advantage of your due, know that you only have to go to this address. Log in with your credentials and enter the code on your ticket. You will then obtain, in game, the BK Operator skin and the experience boost.

Note that if you are interested in this small promotional offer, you only have until November 21 to obtain a code by purchasing a Whopper Cheese menu. After this date, it will simply be impossible to recover this Operator skin, which allows you, as a reminder, to personalize your character.

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