In addition to the various dishes to be concocted on Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can become apprentice pastry chefs by preparing several sweet dishes. Among them, the “My Hero” Cookie. In this dedicated guide, we reveal the recipe for said biscuit and we tell you what the necessary ingredients are.

My Hero Cookie Recipe on Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make a “My Hero” Cookie in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to search for three ingredients. One of them can only be collected in very specific biomes, namely the Bayou of Confidence or the Sunny Plateau. Moreover, in order to have Butter, you must have unlocked the Ratatouille character and his restaurant.

  • Wheat
  • Location: Seed and Wheat to be purchased from Goofy’s Stand in the Quiet Meadow.
  • Cost:
  • Seed: 1 star coin/unit.
  • Wheat: 3 star pieces/unit.
  • Cacao
  • Location: Collect in the Bayou of Confidence or Sunny Plateau.
  • Butter
  • Location: Purchased through the pantry of Ratatouille’s restaurant, “Chez Remy”.
  • Cost: 190 Star Coins/unit.

If all the previously mentioned ingredients are in your inventory, go to a cooking station and interact with them. Place said items in the pot and click “Start cooking”.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - My Hero Cookie
This is how you will get a “My Hero” Cookie. For your information, this is a 3 star dessert. The in-game description reads: “ A perfect and delicious gift of friendship ”. By eating a “My Hero” Cookie, you will recover 1,407 energy. The resale price of this dessert is 321 Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valleyarrived in early access at the beginning of September this year. The Gameloft title can be found on PlayStation, Xbox, but also Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. In addition, the software is in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Several guides  concerning Disney Dreamlight Valley are available in our columns and could help you.

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