Hideo Kojima and his teams are on all fronts. Alongside Death Stranding 2, the Japanese developer is developing its exclusive xCloud game that could change everything.


Hideo Kojima finally realizes a dream

Putting creativity before anything else, Hideo Kojima always tries to think outside the box to stand out. He thus founds a lot of hopes in his Xbox Cloud Gaming project. During the announcement, he said that he had been waiting to produce it for a very long time…


It’s a completely new game, a title that no one has experienced or seen before. I waited a very long time for the day when I could finally start developing it.

… and that he was already teasing in 2019:


The more 5G coverage spreads over the next five years, the more completely different games we’re going to have. There is also a big thing that I think about with respect to streaming. I can’t say more because I don’t want to spoil anything.

In an interview for The Guardian, Hideo Kojima said that this title could possibly change the video game industry but also that of the cinema if successful. He is, however, perfectly aware that there is a big difference between succeeding in an experiment and imposing it to the point where it has a real impact on people’s habits.

It’s almost like a new medium. If successful, it will shake things up – not just in the gaming industry, but also in the movie industry. You can have successful experiences, but there is a big difference between an experience and something that becomes part of everyday life.

This game in question is normally the project refused by Stadia. The rest is vague. Insider Tom Henderson claims it’s the Overdose horror title, but it’s possible there’s some confusion with Death Stranding 2 at this level. The future will tell.

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