In a final note on the long-awaited RPG Dragon Age, the developers at BioWare took advantage of the moment to also bring news of Mass Effect 5. It’s very simple, these are the two big flagship licenses of the development studio.


Mass Effect 5 in the pipeline

BioWare CEO Gary McKay said:


We have a team hard at work imagining what the future holds for a new single-player ME game

This precision on the word solo is important, because EA has clearly turned its eyes away from this type of game for some time to turn to multiplayer and service titles, which has something to make players skeptical about the continuation of the adventures of Mass Effect. However, we also had some nice surprises like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen order and the announcement of a Dead Space Ramake.


McKay also said in the aftermath that the studio is looking forward to celebrating the community on N7 Day next month. N7 Day, which has been THE Mass Effect day for a few years, will take place on November 7, 2022 and we hope that it will be the opportunity to present something about this fifth episode of RPG license.

At the beginning of the year we learned that the development of Mass Effect was only at the very beginning and that there was still a lot of work to be done before we could show something concrete to the community. You should therefore certainly not expect to see gameplay images.

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