A new character was originally scheduled to be implemented between October 24 and 28 in MultiVersus, Black Adam, just days after Stripe joined the roster. But it would seem that this is not the case, as the developers have indicated on social networks.

A postponement for Black Adam

We don’t have any details on the date, but everything suggests that Black Adam will not arrive in MultiVersus until the beginning of November. The fact that Player First Games indicates that the character ” is not quite ready to change the hierarchy ” leads us to imagine that it needs some improvements/fixes, and therefore it will not be implemented until this 28 october.

It remains to be seen whether its release will be done alone, in several days, and that the update scheduled for this week will still be deployed, with the aim of bringing, among other things, the Arcade mode, or if everything is shifted. We will have an answer very soon.

The Gods have spoken and Black Adam is not quite ready to change the hierarchy of #MultiVersus. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience, Mortals. pic.twitter.com/4jhstiKfP3

— MultiVersus (@multiversus) October 26, 2022

Bad news for the community, but it’s always nice to see that the developers don’t want to bring a character that is unbalanced or with various problems, and prefer to take their time. We will know a little more soon enough and will not fail to communicate the information to you. MultiVersus remains available in free-to-play and celebrates, currently, Halloween, allowing to recover some cosmetics. A tier list of the best characters is also available.

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