Operators have become license  -specific for many years and allow players to experience the  Call of Duty experience  in another way, bringing some variations in gameplay, albeit minimal. Each of the Operators comes from a different region, also offering insight and customization that stands out from the rest, making them coveted.

However, not all of these operators  are accessible from the start of the multiplayer adventure in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You will have to play and complete some challenges. So, if you want to know what actions to take to get your hands on this or that character, we explain how to do it.

Unlock all Operators in Modern Warfare 2

Unlike Vanguard, there are only two factions for this opus, KorTac and SpecGru, bringing together different Operators. As you already know, for this release we have 23 Operators, which will be enriched in the coming months by new ones. But if you don’t know how to unlock them, here are the specific challenges for each one (one challenge per Operator).

chuyChuyChallenge → Complete “Cartel Protection”, a Campaign mission.thunderousThunderousChallenge → Complete the “Low Profile” mission in co-op.gusGusChallenge → Get five assists in a multiplayer game.sworeCleoChallenge → Get an elimination with deadly gearOfficerOfficer Challenge → Complete the “Defender: Mount Zaya” mission in co-op.OfficerNew Challenge → Complete the Campaign mission “Violence and Timing”.ReyesReyes Challenge → Complete the Campaign mission “Prison Break”.ReyesWinter Challenge → Get an elimination with a secondary weapon.FarahFarah No challenge, can only be obtained through Red Team Operator Pack 141ReyesGhost No challenge, can only be obtained through Red Team Operator Pack 141ReyesPrice No challenge, can only be obtained through Red Team Operator Pack 141soapSoap No challenge, can only be obtained through Red Team Operator Pack 141


Reyesaxle Challenge → Get 20 kills in a multiplayer game.Reyescallisto Challenge → Get five headshot kills in a multiplayer game.ReyesConor Challenge → Get five guess kills in a multiplayer game.ReyesFender Challenge → Get two kills with a caster during a multiplayer game.ReyesHello Challenge → Get five Regicide kills in a multiplayer game.ReyesHutch Challenge → complete the Campaign mission “Ghost Team”.Reyesking Challenge → Do an Execution.ReyesPinkChallenge → Make a close range elimination.ReyesStilettoChallenge → Get two Vengeance kills during a multiplayer homeland.ReyesZeroChallenge → Complete the “Defended Zone” mission in co-op.ReyesOniNo challenges are available for Oni, which can only be obtained by those who have pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 digitally.

This therefore already promises you a few hours of play and many challenges, before being able to discover other Operators, via content updates.

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