Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  was released on October 28, 2022 on most gaming platforms, namely on PlayStation, Xbox consoles but also on PC. The title of Infinity Ward and Activision has, of course, trophies and achievements.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trophies and Achievements List

In order to get Platinum, called“Back to Base”, or 100% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players must unlock many trophies and achievements. Some of them ask the players to proceed in such and such a way, in a very specific mission. For example, trophies are tied to stealth/infiltration. But, without further ado, here is the full list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trophies and achievements.

  • Shitty death  → Kill the enemy in the mobile toilet.
  • Full of resources  → In Escape, eliminate gassed or blinded enemies with a Molotov, Semtex or a frag.
  • Crocodile  → In Placid Waters, kill 3 enemies while underwater.
  • Blind Anger  → In Campaign or Co-op mode, kill two enemies while under the effects of a flash grenade.
  • Burglar Gentleman  → Open 3 chests in Campaign mode.
  • Ghost in the making  → In El Sin Nombre, reach the penthouse without killing anyone or setting off the alarm.
  • Gale → Free hostages in Countdown without enemies firing a single bullet.
  • Nessie  → In Placid Waters, reach the barge without being spotted.
  • Neither Seen nor Known  → Do not sound the alarm in Clandestine Reconnaissance.
  • Disarmed  → Finish Alone without firing a single bullet.
  • No time to waste  → Complete the CCTV sequence in four minutes.
  • I guard  → Join Price with the first vehicle you hack.
  • Good Practice  → In Team Ghost, shoot all targets in the practice area.
  • Worth a beer  → Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
  • Driving  test → Drive five types of vehicles in Violence and speed.
  • Don’t touch the bridge!  → In Troubled Waters, travel 90 meters forward of the boat without touching the deck.
  • Fighting Terror  → Complete all Campaign missions on Veteran or Realism difficulty.
  • Shield Raising  → In Campaign or Co-op mode, kill 3 enemies with the Riot Shield.
  • Fishing for Info  → Find 20 Intel Fragments in Co-op mode.
  • Radio Silence  → Complete Low Profile without triggering any alarms.
  • Warm-up  → Get at least one star in Co-op mode.
  • Night Fight  → Get 3 stars in Low Profile.
  • Kings of the Mountain  → Earn 3 stars in Defender: Mount Zaya.
  • Crossing the Underworld  → Get 3 stars in Forbidden Zone.

Note that the name of certain trophies/achievements varies depending on the game platform used (especially between PlayStation and PC) but the description and the action to be taken to unlock them are identical.

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