Hunters, hunters, if you are looking for Xûr on this Friday, October 28, you have come to the right place. We indicate, in the following, the location of Xûr, during this weekend, as well as the items he currently offers for sale.

Xûr, where to find it? (October 28, 2022)

Location of Xûr, October 28, 2022

As a multitude of players probably already know, Xûr appears in three different locations, on Destiny 2. These are well known to everyone, and have been for a long time. Thus, you will often find, and according to a random rotation, Xûr on three distinct planets  : at the Tower, on Nessos or at the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

On this Friday, October 28, 2022, and for a few days, until Tuesday, November 1, you can find Xûr on Nessus, near the Observer’s Tomb.

Xur - Emplacement Nessos_1

Xûr’s Inventory, October 28

For this new reset, Xûr offers several Exotic equipment, which can be purchased in exchange for Legendary Shards. These are often weapons and pieces of armor, corresponding to the various classes (Hunter, Arcanist, Titan) available in the game. Note that the loot is random and cannot be guessed in advance.

On this Friday, October 28, and without further ado, here is the inventory of the emissary of the Nine, Xûr.

Exotic Equipment

  • Exotic Engram.
  • The Forsworn – Linear Fusion Rifle.
  • Sting of Khepri – Gauntlets (Hunter).
  • Clôture Électrique CDA/0 – Gantelets (Titan).
  • Getaway Ace – Gauntlets (Arcanist).
  • Black Raptor – Revolver (requires Destiny 2: Beyond Light).
  • Dead Man’s Tale – Scout Rifle (requires Destiny 2: Beyond Light).
  • (Xenology – Quest).

Legendary Weapons

  • Whispering Block – Combat Bow.
  • Tire-Loup – Combat bow.
  • Dark Promise – Revolver.
  • Icélos_FP_V1.0.2 – Sniper rifle.
  • Far Future – Sniper Rifle.
  • Edge of Honor – Sword.
  • Night’s Watch – Scout Rifle.

Legendary Armor (Hunter)

  • Fists of Tenacity – Gauntlets.
  • Tenacity Vest – Chest Armor.
  • Cloak of Tenacity – Hunter’s Cloak.
  • Mask of Tenacity – Helmet.
  • Stride of Tenacity – Leg armor.

Legendary Armor (Titan)

  • Gantelets de Ténacité – Gantelets.
  • Plate of Tenacity – Chest Armor.
  • Mark of Tenacity – Mark of Titan.
  • Helm of Tenacity – Helmet.
  • Greaves of Tenacity – Leg armor.

Legendary Armor (Arcanist)

  • Gloves of Tenacity – Gauntlets.
  • Robe of Tenacity – Chest Armor.
  • Bracer of Tenacity – Warlock Bracer.
  • Hood of Tenacity – Helmet.
  • Boots of Tenacity – Leg armor.

Be aware that Legendary Shards are a rare resource in Destiny 2, but through different actions and activities you will be able to harvest as many of them as possible. Indeed, it is necessary to dismantle legendary or exotic weapons and armor to recover them. Additionally, by performing Nightfall Strikes, Raids, Strikes, or Powder Keg activities, you will earn Legendary Shards. Finally, be sure to open the chests that will appear in front of you, in order to collect a few.

Xur - Inventory October 28

Who is Xûr in Destiny 2?

The NPC, Xûr, the enigmatic emissary of the Nine, is well known to Destiny and Destiny 2 players. He is more precisely a merchant, offering exotic equipment for sale in exchange for shards. legendaries, which are often highly interesting.

Xûr, when does he appear?

Xûr appears every Friday, in different locations. Note that Xûr is available throughout the weekend, and even a little more, from Friday to Tuesday.

We invite you to come back to our site every Friday to learn  about Xûr’s location  and the items it offers for sale. Note that we cannot know in advance where Xûr will be and what weapons and armor will be sold next week. Of course, we will update this guide, week by week, to provide you with all the necessary information on this subject.

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