As the release of God of War Ragnarok approaches, tongues are loosening. The long-awaited PlayStation exclusive by fans is currently in the hands of the press. Some journalists have distilled crisp information, especially on its lifespan.


What is the lifespan of God of War Ragnarok?

Will God of War Ragnarok be even more generous than its predecessor? If Santa Monica Studio made some disappointed by announcing the absence of photo mode at the launch of the game this Wednesday, November 9, new information confirms a fairly similar lifespan. According to journalist Joe Miller, it would take around 50 hours to complete the game 100%. For its part, IGN claims to have 70 hours of play on the clock without having completed absolutely everything. A data which obviously depends on the style of play of each one and which should vary according to the players and the profiles.



For comparison, God of War (2018) required 20 hours just for the main quest, 32 hours doing a few side quests and 51 hours to finish the game 100%. Will the story be longer and there be less side content, or will God of War Ragnarok actually have a similar lifespan? These few points still need to be clarified. We will not fail to give you the information of our test, to be published very soon.


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