Those who decide to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Sony consoles are going to be spoiled. Indeed, Activision has revealed some upcoming exclusive content for PlayStation gamers for the new COD. Nothing that will revolutionize the history of bonuses but still small significant things.


Bonus rain for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players

If you have a Sony console, you’re clearly going to get more freebies on Call of Duty than if you’re on PC or Xbox Series. That’s a fact.



The Call of Duty website confirms the following benefits for PlayStation 4 and 5:


  • Battle Pass Bundle Bonus: PlayStation players who purchase a Battle Pass Bundle will receive 5 additional tier skips, for a total of 25 tier skips. Obviously this will allow you to unlock new objects more quickly.
  • Combat Packs  : The bonus grants a free in-game combat pack. This includes items such as an operator skin, weapon blueprint, emblem, and more.
  • Double XP Points  : COD PlayStation players will receive monthly events. Exclusive double XP (for 24 hours).
  • PlayStation Party Bonus  : PS4 and PS5 players who play together in parties receive +25% bonus weapon XP.
  • Additional loadouts  : Finally, players benefit from 2 additional loadout slots.

Adding it all up, it still makes for a nice bonus program for Call of Duty PlayStation players. In full context on exclusives, this is likely to revive the debate a little even if all this is obviously signed upstream between PlayStation and Activision.

What do you think of this COD exclusivity on Sony consoles?

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