At the end of September 2022, we learned that an Iron Man game was currently in development. For more details, Motive Studios, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is in charge of the project. But that’s not all.

Indeed, via a recent article  on the official site and a publication on Twitter, EA has just announced its ” long-term ” collaboration with Marvel. The goal is to develop “ at least three new [type] action-adventure games, which will be available on consoles and PC ”. Among them, Iron Man which is a single player game, in third person view, the first. At this time, EA has not provided any further information regarding the other two video game projects.

Commenting on this collaboration and the Iron Man game, EA’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Laura Miele said:

[…] We are longtime fans of Marvel and its impressive leadership, so this is an important moment for our developers as well as our players and fans […] We look forward to welcoming Marvel to the family of EA creators and we know that this collaboration will lead to exceptional experiences for our players. We can’t wait to hear the reactions of players when they take on the role of Iron Man […]

We’re thrilled to announce a multi-title collaboration with @Marvel to develop action adventure games for consoles and PC!

Each game will be their own original story set in the Marvel universe.💥

Learn more:

— Electronic Arts (@EA) October 31, 2022

At the moment, unfortunately, we do not know more. Obviously, as soon as new details are revealed, we will not fail to keep you informed. Remember, finally, that the development of the title Iron Man, Motive Studios, is only in its infancy. Thus, we will have to be patient before browsing the new adventures of Tony Stark.

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