Forspoken will be one of the next games in early 2023. To convince gamers who are still hesitant, Square Enix has released a new gameplay video.


Forspoken presents its parkour on video

The heroine Frey Holland, played by Ella Balinska (the Resident Evil Netflix series, Charlie’s Angels…), returns to service for a detailed presentation of parkour. A major mechanic for combat and movement in the world of Forspoken. And for this purpose, our young magician has a range of skills.


With “Dash”, she can wander at full speed… provided she has a sufficient stamina gauge. The “Fuser” skill allows you to run even faster, while releasing energy and recharging stamina. “Dash” will be there so that you can accelerate by leaping off the ground, without consuming stamina. In all three cases, there is room for improvement. You can indeed reduce the consumption of stamina or improve recovery with sorcery challenges.


Here are the other abilities available in Forspoken:


  • “Float” to fall from very high without getting hurt
  • “Propel yourself” to create a magic rope in order to take cover or reach areas that are normally inaccessible
  • “Climb” to progress on various vertical surfaces
  • “Climb” so as to create phantom climbing holds and reach the highest peaks

We saved the best for last with “Glisser”. A skill that spawns a magical hoverboard (name of zeus!).

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