On November 2, Genshin Impact  will welcome version 3.2 through a new update. If you have not followed the news in recent days around the title, several novelties are introduced, such as new characters, events as well as a new Archon quest, to conclude the arc on the Sumeru region. You can find the complete and detailed patch notes of Genshin Impact version 3.2  below, which will trigger server maintenance. Note that new redemption codes  will normally be added for a limited time. 

Update 3.2 Patch Notes


New characters

  • Nahida (5*, Dendro).
  • Layla (4*, Cryo).

character wishes

  • Yoimiya (5*, Pyro) – “Drapery of Golden Sparks” Wishes.
  • Yae Miko (5*, Electro) – “Purple Infinity” Wishes.
  • Tartaglia (5*, Hydro) – Goodbye to the North.

new weapon

  • Catalyst “A Thousand Floating Dreams” (obtained through wishes).

New system

  • For the Sérénithéière: Replica.

New stories

  • Archon Quest Chapter III – Act 5: Akashian Pulse and Rise of the Kalpa Flame.
  • Nahida Story Quest: Sapientia Oromasdis – Act 1 “Persistent Heat”.

New monsters

  • Powerful new enemy
  • Hypostase Dendro

Adjustments and improvements


  • Reduced DMG inflicted by Hypostasis boss Pyro in flaming state when unleashing the skill Fiery Fist or continuously hitting the character with fireballs when miming into a snake.


  • Optimized anti-aliasing functionality on PC, PS4 and PS5.
  • After optimization, it will be possible to choose between “Disabled” and “FSR 2” in Settings > Graphics on PC, PS4 and PS5.


  • Optimized sound effects when defeating enemies and CRIT hits.
  • Optimized the sound effects of some objects.
  • Adjusted and optimized voice acting for some characters, NPCs and quests in Japanese, Korean and English.
  • Optimized English and Korean voiceovers related to certain items.
  • Decreased the volume of Yae Miko’s footstep sound effects when walking, running, and sprinting.


  • Rana, Jeht, Jebrael, and Habachi can now be affected by elemental effects correctly.
  • Added new materials for use with the Parametric Transformer: certain harvested items and loot from enemies.
  • Adjusted the different types of ore in some locations in Sumeru: replaced some magic crystal ores with crystal ores.
  • Adjusted the special effects of Dendro reactions to reduce the load on system performance (especially for the application of the Dendro element, Flowering, Exuberance, Burgeoning, Stimulation, Overactivation and Spread).

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