The news is decidedly punctuated by The Witcher. While the remake was announced to everyone’s surprise, Henry Cavill also took fans by surprise by announcing his withdrawal from the Netflix series from season 4. Today, CD Projekt RED is making a nice gift to players by offering a game of the license for free.


The Witcher free on PC

The Witcher Remake will soon be a reality. After years of asking for it, fans will be able to discover the first adventures of Geralt De Riv in a new light with a production under Unreal Engine 5. An announcement that has not failed to make people talk about it and to surf on it CD Projekt RED is giving players a nice gift: a free game. And it’s not just any since it’s The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

The Witcher gratuit

The improved version of the first part of the adventures of the Witcher is indeed available for free on GOG. Only a few conditions are required: having a PC, registering on the platform and the site’s newsletter from this address. As a bonus, you will receive a free barrel of cards for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, the card game derived from the third opus available in free-to-play. Note that some users seem to be having trouble redeeming their free game and are being forced to install Gwent first to receive their copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.


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