Against all odds, Alien Isolation 2 could see the light of day and it would be well accompanied.


Alien Isolation 2 and another AAA game in development?

Tom Henderson, who has made a place for himself in the middle of trusted insiders, dropped two small bombs for fans of Alien and horror games. On his Insider Gaming site, he claims that a big new Alien game is in development. Even more surprisingly, the release is expected for the end of 2023.


He hasn’t heard of the studio behind this unannounced project, but the budget allocated to this title would be that of a AAA. A production developed especially for the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles – and undoubtedly the PC -, and which would be inspired by equally cult licenses like Dead Space or Resident Evil.


The other information, which knocked down at least two feathers of this writing, is that Alien Isolation 2 would be in development or in the process of being submitted to an editor. It would then be a real reversal of the situation because SEGA had refused a sequel, despite having sold more than 2.1 million copies of the first part. An incredible survival-horror that shone with its deep respect for Ridley Scott’s Alien.


And Creative Assembly, the developers of Alien Isolation, in all this? They did not wish to make a statement on these hallway noises.

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