Synopsis de Trillion Game

A most unlikely duo is formed when Haru, a master strategist of elocution, meets Gaku, a shy geek, but full of hidden skills. Our two friends will work together for an ultimate goal, which will be to accumulate a trillion dollars. According to them, it’s enough to get everything the world can offer!

If the synopsis is voluntarily short in order to avoid any risky disclosure, the duo system, meanwhile, does not stop at the protagonists. Indeed, the concept goes even further by bringing together Riichiro Inagaki (Eye Shield 21, Dr Stone) and Ryoichi Ikegami (Sanctuary, Crying Freeman) respectively for the scenario and the drawings.

Two renowned authors, whose meeting gives a manga full of humor and navigating with elegance between classicism and modernity, something to surprise you throughout this seinen.


editorial review

Trillion Game has the originality of offering a realistic, although slightly idealistic theme, in which each of us can identify. The relationship between the protagonists, the human reflection and the feelings are on a human scale  for a scenario that reflects a reality in which everyone feels involved and whose repercussions are imaginable.


Each situation offers a plan for reflection, both on human relations and on the opportunities that arise from it. The events encountered navigate with elegance between humor, seriousness, and a touch of extravagance. However, the author knows how to keep the reader in suspense by leaving room for the realism of action, making it possible.


The scenario is accompanied by controlled and balanced drawings, in order to appeal to an adult audience, who will be able to identify more easily. They are not lacking in resources, however, and easily highlight the feelings of the characters as well as their questions to make the adventure even more lively. Thus, despite its conditioning to the universe of seinen, the story does not drown in a dark universe and knows how to bring some touches of derision and spirit.

Finally, the main theme being focused on money, speculation by associating intelligence, egocentrism and lust, it will not be to everyone’s taste. Our two authors put their finger on certain abjections and aberrations of our society, in order to allow the reader some introspection, provided they understand the subtleties. A story full of twists, humor and seriousness that will keep you alert while stimulating your curiosity.

The Manga

  • Screenwriter: Riichiro Inagaki
  • Dessinateur: Ikegami Ryoichi
  • Publisher: (ja) Shogakukan / (fr) Glénat
  • Type: His

For those who wish to get into manga, it will be necessary to turn to Glénat editions.

Currently, only two out of five volumes are available and at an individual price of 7.6 €. The next volume is scheduled for March 2023.


For the most skeptical, who are not yet convinced or totally thrilled by the synopsis of Trillion Game, Glénat editions invite you to discover certain chapters, free of charge and without the need to create an account, on their brand new Glénat Manga Max site.


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