Paradox Interactive via its ARC program (looking for independent nuggets) has just lifted the veil on a Surviving the Abyss. An underwater city management game, which is clearly inspired by what can be seen in a certain Bioshock.


Paradox et Surviving the Abyss

Here is the description of the game that can be found on the official Steam page:


Earth, 1976. The Cold War is in full swing, and you have been tasked with building and directing a deep-sea research facility to perfect and weaponize human cloning. Survive against the odds in the unforgiving abyss by conserving oxygen, energy, food and more to keep your crew alive. Discover and mine resources for construction, light your way in the dark, explore and develop your environment to advance your research. Capture the diverse and adapted flora and fauna of the depths, but beware: darkness hides unexpected horrors, and only light keeps them at bay.

This Paradox production should therefore give pride of place to underwater exploration and its dangers, with the very likely presence of monsters that could jeopardize the construction of your underwater installations.


The release date of this new Paradox production is scheduled for January 17, 2023. Note that in addition to this title, the development studio Rocket Flair Studios is also working on Dynasty of The Sands, which this time concerns Ancient Egypt ( but which is also a management title).

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