Black Friday is already in full swing. While PS Store promotions allow you to take advantage of more than 500 games at a bargain price and a nice reduction on PS Plus subscriptions, Amazon is going with its discount. The e-commerce giant allows you to buy your PS and PS4 games cheaper, but also to enjoy PS+ at a lower cost. We explain how.

Buy the PS Plus Essential 1-year subscription for €40.50 on Amazon

PS Plus subscriptions at a discount during Black Friday

This is the fair of good deals. During the Black Friday period, tempting offers follow one another, regardless of your preferred platform. Xbox, Nintendo, Steam and PlayStation all have their game promotions there. Faced with the loss of speed of its subscription service, Sony has still decided to offer a reduction of -25% on annual PS Plus subscriptions. The Japanese giant’s offer has been available in three distinct formulas for a few months. The PS+ Extra, which allows you to enjoy a series of new games added to the catalog each month, such as the Xbox Game Pass, and the PS Plus Premium which offers some classic games in addition to what is offered in the other subscriptions.


A godsend in the face of inflation, which allows you to enjoy at least three free games each month, or even almost thirty if you opt for the Extra or Premium formulas. For almost the price of a new game just released, you have access to a hundred games for a year. Black Friday obliges, it is possible to buy your PS Plus subscription even cheaper. Amazon is currently offering discounted PSN cards. A €45 voucher goes for €40, for example, while the €90 voucher can be obtained for around €76. Codes to enter in your PSN wallet cheaper than usual, which can therefore be combined with Sony’s PlayStation Plus promotions for Black Friday.

Promo PS Plus Amazon

How to use the promo PSN cards trick?

More concretely, the PS Plus Essential at €44.99 instead of €59.99 on the PS Store. By taking a PSN card from Amazon, it will cost you only €40 in total. A trick that works with all the formulas, which gives:


  • One year of PS Plus Essential at €40 instead of €59.99 (about -33%)
  • One year of PS Plus Extra at €67.50 instead of €99.99 (-32.5%)
  • One year of PS Plus Premium at €76.41 instead of €119.99 (-36%)

Buy the PS Plus Essential 1-year subscription for €40.50 on AmazonBuy the 1-year PS Plus Extra subscription for €67.50 on AmazonBuy the 1-year PS Plus Premium subscription for €76.41 on Amazon

Please note, however, that Sony’s PS Plus Black Friday promotions will end on November 28, 2022. Once your card has been purchased on Amazon, all you have to do is enter the code obtained by e-mail into your PSN account. From there, head to the PS Store or the official website to purchase the desired subscription using your newly credited balance. Note that Amazon Cards also allow you to buy the promo games from the PlayStation Store at a discount with the same trick. Note that the cards can be combined, in the same way as PS+ subscriptions. It’s now or never to take advantage of it.

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