Football Manager  is a very important license, placing us in the shoes of a trainer (or selector), with the objective of making the team you train shine. You have to manage recruitment, team composition, tactics and everything that surrounds a football club, also hatching young players. Greatly appreciated by football fans and increasingly popular over the years, the license returned in November 2022 with FM 2023.

However, despite an annual meeting for the license, Football Manager 23 retains a common core to which are added minimal additions and improvements. As part of our test, we will rather answer the question: is FM 2023 worth it, or is it just a workforce update? We have tested this new episode to give you all the keys.

The major new features of FM 2023

As usual, FM 2023 is equipped with its classic features, which are the soul of the series, such as total management of the workforce, the tactics that are dear to you or even recruitment. Of course, the developers are always working on new features and improvements. But are these worth spending the $59.99 to get?

Plan your recruitment

This is a feature that was widely promoted ahead of the launch of FM 2023 in early November. From now on, you can better manage your needs within your squad, depending on your way of playing (game pattern, position role, etc.). For example, if you play in 433 classic, with a low point that recovers all the balls, but you need a lining or a player to replace him, you can, thanks to this feature, search for players who enter your playing conditions and select an age, potential and more.


This allows you to avoid recruiting people who are not suitable for this position in “panic-buy”, and therefore to perfect your recruitment. You will save, in addition, long minutes in your research, since your recruiters classify their findings according to the order of priority and complementarity with your team. You just have to look at the profile and validate, or not, the recommendations.

Champions League and European competitions

But let’s not lie to ourselves, the biggest novelty, at least the most impactful, is the arrival of European cup licenses. Now you will have the opportunity to win the real Champions League, with all the official logos. This goes, of course, for its two little sisters, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League.



And then ?

For the rest, in terms of additions, nothing very significant is to be reported. On the improvement side, many small points are further developed, as with the supporters, whose evolution it is possible to see, in particular the population who comes to the stadium (ultras, occasional, footix, etc.). You will therefore be able to better see if your performances and results have a significant impact on the supporters, or not.


What about matches?

Obviously, if the whole part of recruitment, management of the workforce and implementation of tactics is important, nothing beats the field. Only the green rectangle counts for the rest of your career, and on that side, we don’t have a lot of changes. You always have the possibility to change tactics in the middle of a match, to adjust to the opposition or the context and everything we know from the last episodes.

The gameplay hasn’t really evolved, just like the game engine, but that’s in no way disturbing, even if some expect a little more from Sports Interactive.

Before and after the matches, you will have the opportunity to participate in press conferences, but after answering several questions, you will see that the same ones come up very often and that there is little impact on the rest. Fortunately, we can skip them and avoid wasting precious time with a redundant activity, like every year. The same goes with questions from journalists during the transfer period.



Should you buy FM 2023?

To answer the famous question ” New game or simple update?” “, which also returns for FIFA or Call of Duty to name only these two examples, it will only depend on you.

If you want to have the latest squads and enjoy lots of small improvements, and especially the Champions League, then yes, you can buy FM 2023. If that seems like a trivial matter to you, then you can stay on FM 2022, and save €59.99.

For the rest, it is important to note that the FM 2023 experience is just as good as the previous ones.s. If you have never tried the experience and are hesitant to take the plunge, we can only advise you to do so, provided you have the time. We may be warned, but it is very difficult to get out of Football Manager once we dive into it. The experience remains very time-consuming, immersive and successful. Undeniably the best football experience in video games, by far.

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