The new owner of the Gamekult site brutally liquidated the editorial staff without waiting for the end of the notice. A video game institution disappears.

Former jewel of the French video game press, the editorial staff of Gamekult, a site devoted to video games known for its high standards and critical intransigence, is no longer. Its history has never been easy, and its editorial positioning has earned it many pressures. But it was ultimately the takeover of the site by the very controversial Reworld Media group that got the better of Gamekult as we know it. Reworld is indeed known for having been the gravedigger of many publications (notably Science & Vie ), its brutal and precarious management, as well as its direction almost explicitly and exclusively focused on advertising, brand content and the satisfaction of advertisers.

Red Dead Redemption II: photoThe price to pay for not putting 20/20 in Red Dead Redemption II, so long cowboy

God of War: Ragnarök: photoCrushed by a big heavy

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: photoNow it’s Call of Duty and Black Friday ads every day

What to expect from the future? This is perhaps the most depressing in this whole story, but if we are to believe the article in Liberation: not much, at least not until a rebalancing is carried out in the sector of the cultural press, transformed into a servile promotional vehicle. The editorial staff of Gamekult does not seem to have planned to meet elsewhere which is understandable: how to regain motivation, how to deal with behemoths held by financial empires?, and a volatilization of critical discourse online in France is to be expected. It will be necessary to turn to the Anglo-Saxon media or cling to the last spaces of independence reduced to a trickle.

Point of salvation indeed on Twitch and Youtube. According to Gautoz, now a Gamekult veteran, there are only a very limited number of places and only for people who are already known. And since attention is concentrated there around individuals who cannot necessarily benefit from the synergy and resources of an entire editorial staff, journalistic practice is done there at a minimum: no large formats or surveys, everything just is it possible to comment. This is exactly what an industry tempted by all the scabrous practices dreams of, and whose safeguards are disappearing one by one. Moral of the Doritos – gate: at the very end of the endings, it was the little cracker who crunched the human being like a chip.

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