God of War Ragnarok offers just enough content not to overwhelm the player, or conversely, leave him on his end. But is the rab still expected in the coming months?


Version and DLC for God of War Ragnarok?

Between the missions of the main plot, the side quests – including one that hides a moving secret – and other side effects, God of War Ragnarok has something to keep you busy for long hours. But now, as often when a game is of quality, some wonder if the experience could be extended a little further via a DLC. Has this option been selected or is it under discussion?


In theory, it’s complicated because with this episode, Santa Monica completes the Nordic arc started by the previous title. A choice assumed by the studio which considered being able to bring a conclusion after two games. And those who got to the end could see that was the case.


There are several reasons: one of the most important is that the first Norse God of War took us 5 years to develop. I don’t know how long the second one is going to take – I hesitate, I think it will be about the same thing – and if we imagine having to do a third one at the same time, we arrive at a cycle fifteen years to tell one and the same story. I think it’s way too long. And given where we were with Eric and the whole team, I thought that we could conclude with a second game, because the heart of our story is really the relationship that unites Kratos and Atreus.

According to Eric Williams, director of God of War Ragnarok, there should be no DLC.

I do not know. This game is massive. We put everything we had in it, so I wouldn’t count on it.

Eric Williams lors du Spoilercast de Kinda Funny Games (via PlayStationLifeStyle).

Lately, the director also confessed that he would love to revive a cult Japanese franchise.

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