Now in the hands of Deck Nine Games, the Life is Strange series still has a bright future ahead of it. A survivor of Square Enix’s spring cleaning, the license created by Dontnod will remain under the supervision of the Japanese giant. The latter could, unsurprisingly, already have ordered a sequel whose development has already begun. Here is what we know and an update on the rumors around this Life is Strange 4.


Life is Strange 4 already in development?

In September 2021, Deck Nine Games released Life is Strange True Colors. A third opus which received a rather mixed critical and commercial reception. A halftone episode according to a fringe of players who will not sign the end of the license. The franchise is indeed one of the few Western series to still interest Square Enix, which openly seems to have long-term plans for it. The studio that is now in charge of it is recruiting for an “ unannounced AAA single-player narrative adventure game ”. Several job offers have emerged in recent weeks, suggesting that the development of Life is Strange 4 will begin.

LIS 4Excerpts from a job posting from Deck Nine Games

As spotted by Veryaligaming, Deck Nine is currently looking for a lead programmer and lead game designer whose descriptions clearly point in the direction of Life is Strange. At the time when the American studio was looking for talent for True Colors, the third part had also been described in these terms. The game will therefore be developed under Unreal Engine with the PS5, Xbox Series and PC in mind. It should be noted, however, that the developers are also working with Telltale for their adaptation of the series The Expanse scheduled for next year. However, everything suggests that it is Life is Strange 4, which had already been the subject of rumors in the past.


Towards the return of Max and Chloe?

In February 2021, a source who has proven to be reliable had revealed the first details on Life is Strange True Colors even before its announcement. Name of the game, protagonist, scenario, gameplay, abandonment of the episodic release… the person in question had done a faultless one. In addition to making revelations about this third opus, she also announced that Deck Nine was already working on Life is Strange 4. According to this same source, another episode was already in pre-production. It would be a direct sequel to the first opus and would therefore again feature the duo Max & Chloe.


Life is Strange 4 would opt for a leap in time where the protagonists would have aged. The first episode having several endings, it could be that the game is based on an alternate reality, just like the comic series. If the source in question hadn’t heard from the project for months at the time, it could still be on the way. A more recent Reddit rumor, to be taken with much more caution, would have provided further details.

Le multivers version Life is Strange ?

Life is Strange 4

Max would now be a teacher in an art school. Her powers would have developed comic book style and she would use her skills to travel through alternate realities. Concretely, one of her friends/students would be killed in mysterious circumstances and she would use a world where the person is alive to lead the investigation.

The title would take into account the choices of the first episode and Chloe would only have a role in the story if she were alive in Life is Strange first of the name. Other characters with powers would also be there. “The first half of the game would be amazing, but not the second,” the source notes. This rumor obviously remains to be taken with a grain of salt and it could be that Life is Strange 4 goes in another direction by the time it is announced. One thing is certain, the next game in the franchise will not be in episodic format and will have a subtitle rather than a number. The developers have been very firm on this point. As for the rest, wait and see as they say.

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