Many animals are featured on Mojang Studios’ title, Minecraft. Thus, the players can, for example, meet pandas. So, in this guide, we tell you how to tame pandas and how to breed baby pandas.

Where to find pandas in Minecraft?

Unlike cows  or even wolves, pandas are harder to find in Minecraft. Indeed, this animal is only present in a very specific area: to see pandas, you will have to find a Jungle-type biome. There, you can, in particular, see spaces with bamboo. If this is the case, look around, because there is a good chance that you will come across several pandas there.

Note, however, that some pandas can be aggressive if you attack them.

How to tame and breed pandas in Minecraft?

Before giving birth to baby pandas, you must first tame two adults. This requires having bamboo in your inventory, and in good quantity. First of all, if you want to tame pandas, be sure to plant some bamboo in the place of your choice. On our side, we decided to plant a dozen (as in the image below).

Minecraft - Breeding Pandas
Then all you have to do is look for pandas, in the area. As soon as you spotted one, take some bamboos in your hand. When you are close to the panda, do not feed him right away. Instead, lure him to the area where you planted the bamboos. Then give it to him, until you see hearts appear above his head. Repeat with a second panda.


When the two pandas are in the area where you previously planted bamboo, feed them again. When hearts appear above their heads, the two pandas will approach each other and give birth to a baby panda.

Minecraft - Baby Panda
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