Lapis lazuli in Minecraft

At the start of a Minecraft adventure, lapis lazuli may seem trivial. However, this resource becomes interesting, thereafter. Indeed, in order to enchant weapons or tools, players must absolutely have lapis lazuli. Therefore, in this guide, we tell you how to find this resource, on the title of Mojang Studios.

Where to find lapis lazuli?

Just like redstone, and unlike diamond, lapis lazuli is not that hard to find, in Minecraft. Indeed, as you probably already suspect, it is in mines that you can recover it, and this from lapis lazuli ores. These blocks stand out from the others because, although the set is gray, you will be able to see small blue squares within them (as in the image below).

Minecraft - Lapis-lazuli (1)
On our side, we found lapis lazuli ores at different layers, especially at -8 (Y=-8) and -54 (Y=-54). More generally, know that these ores can be found between layers 64 and -64. To mine lapis lazuli, you need a stone or better pickaxe. So, as you will have understood, using a wooden pickaxe on these ores will not allow you to recover the raw material, lapis lazuli.

Minecraft - Lapis-lazuli (2)
Note, finally, that in addition to its usefulness for enchantments, lapis lazuli is necessary to make blue dye. Nevertheless, if you are new to Minecraft, we can only recommend that you keep as much lapis lazuli as possible, for your future enchantments.

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