Redstone in Minecraft

In Minecraft, redstone is primarily used by players to craft items that require energy. On the other hand, it is necessary to craft, for example, a compass or a watch. In this guide, we tell you how to get redstone/redstone powder, in Minecraft.

How to get redstone?

Redstone powder is  obtained, in particular, by destroying redstone ores. Unlike gold, these minerals are more easily found. So, as you will have understood, you have to go to mines to get some. On our side, we found redstone ores at different layers, at -1 (Y=-1) and at -54 (Y=-54). In general, you will find between -64 and 0. Redstone ores are very easy to spot

Minecraft - Redstone
in the mines. Indeed, these blocks have small red squares within them. Note that very often several redstone ores are stuck together. So, do not hesitate to mine the whole vein.

In addition, let’s note that to obtain redstone powder, from redstone ores, you will necessarily need an iron pickaxe, or of higher quality. Using a wooden or stone pickaxe on these ores will not allow you to recover said resource.

Minecraft - Redstone (2)
In addition, note that you could obtain redstone powder in two other ways, in particular by killing the “Sorcerer/Witch” mob or by trading with certain villagers. However, we advise you to mine instead, this will allow you to save time and above all to obtain other raw materials, at the same time.

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