Due to arrive at the very beginning of December 2022, The Callisto Protocol, developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by KRAFTON, has been making waves lately. On this day, we have the right to further details concerning the Season Pass of the software.

The Callisto Protocol Season Pass Content Revealed

Indeed, thanks to the information available on the Steam page  of the software, we now know what the  Season Pass of The Callisto Protocol contains. Thus, by purchasing it, players will have access to additional content. Starting with cosmetic items, via the “Outer Way Skin Collection” pack.

Additionally, the game’s Season Pass contains “Contagion Bundle”. This will allow you to browse The Callisto Protocol in a new mode, “Contagion”, and promises to spice up the experience. Indeed, by selecting it, players will have to deal, among other things, with low ammunition and health, in addition to permanent death (“permadeath” in English). This pack also includesthirteen new death animations for Jacob and the “Watchtower Skin” collection ”.

In addition, thanks to this Season Pass, we will be able to discover a new area of ​​the Black Iron prison and the “Riot” game mode inviting us to survive and face many waves of enemies. All of this is available in the “Riot bundle”, which also contains twelve new death animations for creatures and the “Engineer Skin” collection.

Finally, The Callisto Protocol narrative DLC, to come, is included in the Season Pass of the game. Note that at present, we do not yet know when these different contents will be available because Striking Distance Studios has not communicated on this subject for the moment. Of course, we will keep you informed.

Remember, to conclude, that The Callisto Protocol arrives on December 2, 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, and this according to several editions. The game’s Season Pass is included in the title’s Digital Deluxe Edition.

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