The successful franchise continues to give cold sweats to Sony who fears for the future of its PS Plus and absolutely does not want to see Call of Duty land under the Xbox banner. And for that, all shots are allowed and everyone goes there with their small attacks and counter-attacks.


Xbox Game Pass dominates PlayStation Plus? Apparently yes

Little by little, tongues are loosened and everyone tries to place themselves as a victim to appease the certification bodies. Not long ago, Microsoft admitted that the Xbox did not have strong enough exclusive licenses to compete against PlayStation. For its part, the Japanese company has also made revelations concerning its PlayStation Plus subscription, and admits that the latter is being crushed by the Xbox Game Pass.


As we can read on the documents of the CMA, Sony declares that the PlayStation Plus would be completely overtaken by the Xbox Game Pass which accounts for approximately 29 million subscribers at present. However, it is difficult to realize the difference between the two services since the figures on which the firm’s lawyers rely are hidden from public view. However, one can easily imagine that this is relatively important. In any case enough to be used as an argument in the case.
We will nevertheless temper the fact that Sony must certainly refer here to the Extra and Premium versions of its new subscription. Since the Essential formula (which is the old traditional PS Plus) would be around 45 million subscribers according to the company’s latest financial reports. We are therefore well above the Xbox Game Pass.


Sony is afraid of being totally overwhelmed

To drive the point home and bolster its case, Sony also claimed that if Call of Duty ended up in the Xbox stable and landed on Xbox Game Pass, it wouldn’t be able to catch up with the latter at all with its PlayStation Plus. Which, according to the firm, would be very bad for the competition and the industry as a whole. Worse still, it could even be very expensive for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who would find themselves held hostage by Microsoft, allowing them to shamelessly raise their prices…


For Sony therefore, Call of Duty a particularly sensitive subject, which forces it to oppose the takeover of Activision while most of the other major players in the industry do not seem to be too affected by the subject. It must be said that the franchise is very, very profitable and continues to unite as many players despite the years. Witness Modern Warfare 2 and its billion dollars reached in less than 15 days. Sony had also taken the liberty of congratulating Activision when COD MW2 had risen to the rank of the biggest launch of the year on the platform.

For its part, Microsoft is trying to find common ground with Sony by assuring it that Call of Duty will not leave PlayStation for a long time and also minimizes its interest in the license by saying, for example, that it very much prefers it. largely Candy Crush.

On one side or the other, therefore, the arguments pile up even if it means sometimes bordering on one-upmanship. One thing is certain, the historic takeover of Activision by Microsoft has not yet finished talking about it.

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