” Do you bleed? “. According to this recent leak, you will soon take yourself for Batman in the most immersive way possible: in virtual reality. Indeed, after having worked on the very good Marvel’s Iron Man VR, the Camouflaj studio would turn this time to the DC universe by developing a title on the Dark Knight. The news can be learned via court documents from the Federal Trade Commission regarding META.


Batman in VR soon?

The file in question was shared by Janko Roettgers on Twitter (former Variety reporter):



Oops: The FTC accidentally revealed the existence of Camouflaj, a game studio acquired by Meta in September, which is developing a Batman VR game for the Quest. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.cand.398508/gov.uscourts.cand.398508.289.0.pdf

I didn’t elaborate, but the FTC then asked the court to redact this leak because Meta had told the agency it was something the company considered “highly confidential.”

This coincides perfectly with rumors that indicated that Camouflaj was working on a new unknown AAA project. It’s obviously not the first VR game on the subject, but it’s interesting to see that studios are once again interested in Batman to make it a VR experience that we hope will be very immersive. With something other than content on the Arkham universe already seen and reviewed from every angle. We can for example imagine a title taking place in the city of Gotham, via a vast open world (within the limits of the possible with virtual reality).

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