While there are currently only a few days to wait before discovering The Callisto Protocol, the communication around the next game from Striking Distance Studios and KRAFTON is intensifying. Recently, we were treated to details regarding the game’s Season Pass. This time, the developers have revealed information about one of the areas of the game and the creatures that players will face.

The Callisto Protocol reveals itself a little more

In an article, recently published on the PlayStation Blog site, the development team of The Callisto Protocol did indeed provide some details about certain elements of the game. Remember that the software invites us to discover the Black Iron prison, located on the dead moon of Jupiter, Callisto. Under this prison, we will explore “Below”, an area made up of “long abandoned tunnels ”. The basic concept, for the developers, was to make this place a ” dark, damp and sinister ” place.

On this subject, Aasim Zubair, “Director of environment art” said: “[…] Below allows the player to feel anchored in something familiar and that speaks to him while allowing him to learn more about the past, in particular about the first attempt of Humanity to colonize the dead moon […]  “. A video on said site gives an overview of “Below” and as much to say that the place is quite scary.

In addition, the developers have returned to the creation of the enemies present on The Callisto Protocol. According to their words, the goal was to fashion scary creatures with a certain humanoid appearance in order to reinforce the feeling of fear in the players. The game’s “Character Director”, Gaucho Longli explains:

We started with the idea of ​​humans being infected so that the fear was that what happened to them could also happen to you […] But it’s not just about humanoid forms, biophages have postures based on typical human emotions resembling pain, fear and fury […]

As a reminder, The Callisto Protocol arrives on December 2, 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, and this according to several editions.

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