Does Warner Bros have a surprise game to announce to players?


A mysterious new Warner Bros game

After the mixed reception of Gotham Knights, Warner Bros will have to convince with its next releases. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, which had the right to a magic gameplay video, will open the ball. Then it’s the hotheads of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League who will have to take over. A title that was pushed back to next year because the developers needed a little time, but according to the studio, the game is almost finished.


And after ? Wonder Woman is in development at Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War). Rumor has it that the cult-fighting franchise Mortal Kombat could also return soon with MK12. That’s for known projects.


But as the @ALumia_Italia Twitter account reports, a game published by Warner Bros Interactive has surfaced on the Microsoft Store. In the “backend” part invisible to users. A new generation title that weighs 43.43GB and is codenamed MetCat.



No matter how hard we try to look, we don’t see. Is this code name related to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Maybe an answer during the Game Awards 2022 ?

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