In 2023, SEGA will continue its efforts on Sonic Frontiers and it will go through the DLC box.


Sonic Frontiers Free Content

Going around in circles in Sonic Frontiers? The machine will be relaunched next year with a series of free DLCs. For now, the 2023 roadmap will be split into three parts with concrete content already announced.


The first update will appeal to music lovers who appreciate the title’s music since a jukebox will be available, and to budding photographers with the arrival of the photo mode. Finally, there will be new modes with new challenges.


Secondly, the blue hedgehog will celebrate its birthday with a different type of Koco, as well as challenges in the open areas of Sonic Frontiers.


Update 3 will add other playable characters, including probably Knuckles, Tails and Amy, and story content.


Before that, on December 21, Sonic Frontiers will give in to the Christmas sirens with a hat and a jacket for the occasion. The blue hedgehog will be undermined like never before with this.

While it still has a ways to go, this episode is on course to possibly make the heist of the century, to the detriment of Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok. Which is nothing.

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