If you want to dive back into Fortnite, this is surely the right time since the most famous video game is getting a nice facelift to enter the “NextGen” era. The game more beautiful than ever? In any case, it’s quite stunning.


Fortnite even more beautiful

FortniteThe beauty of Lumen in pictures

So, alongside the release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, Epic took the opportunity to integrate some of the next-gen features of its Unreal Engine 5. Since they are the creators of said engine, one can s ‘expect a very good management of the whole.


Visual improvements include the addition of Nanite, which increases the overall architectural geometry. It’s basically a new way to display our games’ assets. “ Specifically, buildings are created from millions of polygons in real time, and every brick, stone, plank of wood and wall trim is modeled, ” says Epic. This is in addition to Lumen which is a global lighting system, a bit like Nvidia’s RTX. It also helps to improve shadows based on where the light is coming from. An entire program.


Finally, super-sampling technology is present to maintain high visual quality without reducing Fortnite’s framerate.

This Fortnite update is obviously available on PS5, Xbox Series but also of course the PC.

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