New information has indeed just fallen and comes directly from renowned insiders like The Snitch and his enigmatic teasers. The latter has indeed shared a message showing us a part of the American west coast where Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco are located, three places that we can cross in the excellent Horizon Forbidden West.


Horizon Forbidden West DLC Revealed Ahead of Announcement

From the information unearthed, this could be a reference here to Horizon Forbidden West ‘s Burning Shores DLC. An area mentioned several times in the game that arouses the curiosity of fans. Several players have indeed tried to push the limits of the game by trying to explore the area south of Spinebreak, a point of interest on the edge of the map.
Using all they could to see into the distance, some even spotted iconic and perfectly recognizable landmarks from Las Vegas to Nevada. It was enough to raise the hype with the community who saw here a secret area that it would certainly be possible to explore on the occasion of a future DLC.


Incidentally, Lance Reddick, who plays Sylens, one of the game’s antagonists, suggested a few months ago that he was working on new content for Horizon Forbidden West.


The noose is tightening a few days before the Game Awards and an announcement at the event now seems more than likely. Insiders like Tom Henderson are also claiming that this highly anticipated DLC could be slated for April 2023 on PS5 and PS4.
Again, we will take tweezers just to say, but in general, the information of these two personalities of the web is never very far from the truth. In any case, we should get to the bottom of it fairly quickly.



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