Riot Games can count on the visibility of League Of Legends, in particular through the Arcane series, to continue to develop its license. What better way to do this than to create a new one in a totally new genre: combat


Project L: spin-off de League of Legends

Project L is therefore a League of Legends spin-off which should be available in free-to-play when it is released. To keep good habits. In a recent video (visible above), we can see Tom Cannon, executive producer of the game, and  Shaun Rivera, director talk about the peculiarities of this title and its gameplay. The occasion in particular to admire Illaoi who puts on mandals. The title should emphasize the mobility of the characters while offering clashes in 2 vs 2. For example, we can call on our second fighter to counter a combo, etc.



To wrap up the year, let’s take a closer look at Project L’s core gameplay: We believe in deep, flexible systems, including dynamic movement, punchy buttons, and lots of tagging.

For the moment, this Project L, spin-off of League of Legends, does not have a release date or even a window allowing us to count on a release year. It also remains to be seen on which medium the game is planned.

Our goal is to build a super quality fighting game that the community can really engage with for years or decades to come. It takes time to get there, and we’re not going to rush it.

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