Teased at EVO 2022 then announced with a beating trailer, Tekken 8 takes the time to reveal itself. A new video may have made hasty revelations about the casting.


Two fighters from Tekken 8 on the run?

To start promoting Tekken 8, Bandai Namco focused its communication on two symbolic characters: Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. Father and son who, for a change, came to blows in the first trailer. A family rivalry that has lasted for ages and which will be at the center of the new episode.


The story of Tekken 8 picks up after the terrible clashes that ended with the defeat of Heihachi Mishima. The game centers on a new rivalry, pitting father and son against each other as Jin Kazama opposes Kazuya Mishima’s ambition for world domination. The game plunges us back into the tragic tale of the Mishima and Kazama families, where family grudges give rise to new anthology fights.

Recently, the audiovisual group NHK broadcast on its official channel a few seconds of the new game, or rather of its design. The video available below indeed shows motion capture sequences where stuntmen are having a great time. Fans looked at it carefully, and according to the excerpts, managed to find two fighters who will be in the cast.



One of the actors, who is decked out in a green tail and waves his retracted arms in dinosaur mode, is said to be none other than Alex ‘s physical stunt double. A dino created by the Mishima Zaibatsu laboratories and which was part of the playable characters in Tekken 2 for the first time. As for the stuntman with a sword in his hand who is thrown against a wall, it would be Yoshimitsu.

If streamer and fighting game commentator Aris is to be believed, Tekken 8 will be 2022 Game Awards. Answer in the night from Thursday to Friday from 1:30 am. Yes, it stings.

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