Since the official launch of Warzone 2.0, many players have been wondering if the Resurgence game mode is coming  to the new battle royale from Activision and Infinity Ward. There are several rumors circulating about this on the Web. In fact, a potential Resurgence card recently leaked.

Indeed, the Reddit user, iamDEVANS, recently shared an image on said social network. On this we can see a game map, whose general structure and dimensions are quite similar to the Resurgence maps previously released on Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera,including Rebirth Island. In addition, we can read the following mentions: “Supported Games Modes” and “Resurgence”, in addition to “1x Ground War Area (24v24)” and “DMZ”.

However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. We don’t know yet if this is an official map. Activision and Infinity Ward have not communicated on this subject or on the arrival of the Resurgence mode on Warzone 2.0. The studio and the publisher in charge of the battle royale had simply indicated at the launch of the software, in particular in an article  on the official site: ” For all those who are fans of small battle royale cards, expect exciting developments on Warzone 2.0 in future seasons ”. Thus, it is necessary to wait for a new announcement from them to have the heart net.

As a reminder, Warzone 2.0 is available for free on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but also on PC (via Steam and Battle.

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