Many projects were highlighted during the Game Awards 2022 ceremony. While some were expected, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or Diablo IV, we were treated to some surprises, such as the Death Stranding sequel, but also new licenses, with Crime Boss: Rockay City. If the ad stands out with its GTA-like aspect, the majestic cast also caught our attention.

Among the actors that we can meet in Crime Boss: Rockay City, we can mention, pell-mell, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Rooker, Damion Poiter, Vanilla Ice and even Chuck Norris.

But as for the game, we are promised a shooting game, playable in cooperation, taking place in the city of Rockay City, located in Florida, in the 1990s. Players will take on the role of Travis Baker and will have to fight for their territory, carry out robberies and all kinds of illicit activities, in particular to take control of this city. It is specified that it will be possible to choose his close guard, according to their skills, in order to carry out their mission.

After the previous crime boss goes missing, the title of King of Rockay is up for grabs, but like you, others also covet the throne. Hire pros according to their skills to carry out risky missions in the hope of getting your hands on money, territories, and eventually, the crown.

The release date is scheduled for March 28, 2023, on PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The title will be released later on consoles. While waiting for the release of GTA VI, Crime Boss: Rockay City could very well find its audience.

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