If the Monster Hunter license has taken the lead for a long time and now benefits from a phenomenal community, and will give a layer with the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 and Xbox Series, Wild Hearts could perhaps reshuffle the cards as soon as it is released. out February 16th.


Wild Hearts fills our eyes with it on video

Expected on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, Wild Hearts is about to strike a blow and nibble territory at the Capcom license. After several presentations of its universe strongly inspired by Japanese folklore, the action RPG from EA and Koei took advantage of these Game Awards 2022 to raise the sauce with an impressive trailer. Gigantic monsters, polished artistic direction and a touch of nervous combat are on the program of this new trailer which announces a particularly ambitious game.


If he did not have the right to a real presentation, the game still gave us a glimpse of several new monsters as huge as they are magnificent. We have the right to Amaterasu, a superb phoenix capable of spitting powerful jets of flame, the Deathstalker, a huge wolf as quick as the wind and the Golden Tempest, a kind of impressive tiger decked out with two large tentacles.


Now, we just have to wait before we can put our hands on the huge beast. Wild Hearts won’t be released until early next year, but pre-orders are already open on all platforms.

Do you plan to answer the call of the hunt next February?

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