Each fighting style in Grand Piece Online comes with its own pros and cons that separate it from the rest. In some cases, one fighting style becomes more «meta» than another, leading to that specific fighting style becoming exceptionally sought after by a multitude of players. At the time of this article’s publication, Dragon Claw is that sought after fighting style. To find out how you can obtain Dragon Claw, continue reading below.

How to unlock Dragon Claw in Grand Piece Online

In order to unlock Dragon Claw, you’ll need to find and visit Dokkan Island. To do this easily, we’d recommend starting at the entrance of Thriller Bark and traveling straight north/north east. Eventually, after passing through Second Sea, you should reach Dokkan Island.

In the middle of Dokkan Island is a large mountain—in order to obtain the Dragon Claw fighting style, we need to find the Dragon Claw teacher by climbing this mountain. Hidden within a hut at the side of the mountain is Vrael, a Dragon Claw master and former marine, who will teach you the Dragon Claw fighting style for free…with a slight catch.

Though Vrael will teach you the Dragon Claw basics, it falls on you to actually learn the moves and abilities. After learning Dragon Claw, you won’t have access to any actual fighting abilities and must obtain them by playing the experience’s battle royale mode. Each time that you win in this mode, you will earn a move. Let’s get playing!

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