Poppy Playtimeは、Steamで最も人気のあるホラーゲームの1つになりました。同様に、ゲームは多くのプレイヤーの想像力を捉えています。Poppy Playtimeは、ホラーと不気味な要素を使用してプレイヤーを怖がらせるゲームです。他のホラーゲームと同様に、認識できるようになる可能性のある多くのキャラクターも登場します。この記事は、PoppyPlaytimeのすべてのキャラクター名を含むリストに関するものです。




Poppy Playtimeは、ゲーム内の有名な女性人形のようなキャラクターです。彼女は第1章の終わりにしか登場していない人間のコンパニオンおもちゃのキャラクターです。


Boogie Bot is a robot toy character in Poppy Playtime. It is an adorable character in the game. He is a playful character who is green in color as well as tanky in posture. He has tread instead of legs.

Kissy Missy:

Kissy Missy is a female toy character in the game. She is a tall as well as a slender character who has appeared in the posters.


Bron is a dinosaur toy character in the game. He is a bright red brontosaurus dinosaur. Likewise, Bron also has a monstrous form. There is also a high possibility that Bron becomes the antagonist of upcoming chapters of the game.

Candy Cat:

Candy Cat is a cat toy character in Poppy Playtime. She is a blue cat character and only appears in posters of the game.


Cat-Bee as her name suggests is a half cat half bee character in the game. Players are first introduced to her in the game during the Make-A-Friend machine part of the game.

Huggy Wuggy:

Huggy Wuggy is one of the main mascots of the game. He is a tall and slender monstrosity. Likewise, his monstrous form has giant eyes as well as a terrifying posture.

Other Characters:


Avery is a male human character who is also a supervisor for Playtime Co. He is a character with anger problems and gets angry at small accidents by players. Likewise, players can first see him yelling at Rich in the Yellow VHS Tape.

Elliott Ludwig:

Elliott Ludwig is an unknown male human character in the game. He is both the overseer as well as the founder of Playtime Co.


The Interviewer is a male human character in the game. He is a generic human character who appears asking Stella Greyber about her job.


Jaren is a human employee in Poppy Playtime. He is a part of the marketing department in Playtime Co.

Leith Pierre:

Leith Pierre is a male human character who is also the Head of Innovation at Playtime Co. Players can hear him in the game’s VHS tapes.


Rich is a human male character who is one of the employees of the Playtime Co.


Rules is an unknown character in Poppy Playtime.


Sharon is an unknown employee character in the game. He works as a boom handler. He was fired from Playtime Co. for turning off Leith Pierre’s microphone.

Stella Greyber:

Stella Greyber is a human female character in the game. She can be heard in the VHS tapes.

The Player:



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