We continue to monitor the situation, the latest news is already here, when will they fix roblox. When will roblox work? We have new information as of today. What’s up with roblox today 31.10.2021? Translated specifically for English-speaking audiences.

We’ve been posting the latest real-time news on our site for two days on the problem with the game roblox. Here’s the information for October 29, and here’s the information for October 30. Today it’s Sunday, October 31 – Halloween. And it seems that today the developers will solve all the problems with the availability of the game. Let’s watch and learn new news with bugs on the game Roblox.

Twitter account Roblox reported some news
Right on the night of October 31 at 00:08 Moscow time, the developers posted the following Twitter post:

twitter roblox

They published the same on status.roblox.com (the site shows the availability of Roblox.com services)

It remains to wait and it seems today 31.10.2021 roblox for all will work!

The site www.roblox.com and other errors roblox does not work

The site is still painted with the inscription – We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon. Promised to return soon, more about the entry and its translation we already reported here.

Roblox still doesn’t work on PC – Error occurred while starting Roblox

Error occurred while starting Roblox

Details: HttpQueryInfo failed with message Service Unavailable (https //clientsettingscdn.roblox.com/v2/client-version/WindowsPlayer). Error: Operation successfully completed. (0x00000000).

And of course the communication error in Roblox didn’t go anywhere.

Communication error. Unable to contact the server. Please check your Internet connection. Repeat.

Login doesn’t work, wrong password in Roblox

Now all Roblox services are not working – so you may have this. Don’t worry and just wait for the developers to fix the global Roblox failure. Have patience and nerves of steel.

A new tweet from the developers of Roblox

On Twitter Roblox developers have published new news:

We have identified root cause and solution. We are working on getting things back online and we will keep you updated throughout the day.

It turns out that tomorrow morning, November 1, most likely the developers will solve the problem and we will finally be able to play Roblox!

We need your feedback

Below, you can write a comment and attach a screenshot – what’s your error, tell your story, how long you’re waiting for a solution to this problem Roblox. Our site readers will definitely read everything. Thanks to your comments, we will also get the latest information. There are a lot of you! Thank you very much for your help in such a case.

Refresh the page and follow us, information is added to the site in real time. Be with us!

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