Riot Games сделали несколько анонсов игр на мероприятии Arcane: Epilogue, включая новый трейлер Hytale. Эта приключенческая игра-песочница создана Hypixel Studios – командой, стоящей за серверами Hypixel Minecraft, – которая, как считалось, застряла в «аду разработки». Но благодаря инвестициям Riot Games, игра теперь намечена к выпуску в 2023 году и бета-тест перед этим.

Чтобы подписаться на бета-тест Hytale, просто зайдите на и нажмите «Бета- подписка» . После ввода адреса электронной почты и даты рождения вы получите письмо с подтверждением вашего интереса. Оттуда вы можете сидеть и ждать информации о бета-тесте.

What is Hytale?

Hytale is an action-adventure sandbox game, with clear inspiration drawn from Minecraft and the Minecraft modding scene. Emphasizing procedurally generated worlds, sandbox game design, Hytale will combine these elements with RPG gameplay for a winning combination.

The game is set to feature not only block-by-block construction, but character customization, leveling, different weapons and fighting styles, and powerful in-built modding tools.

Since the game originally started development in 2015 (and was first announced in 2018) many thought the game was in development hell, doomed to never be released. But a huge amount of investment by League of Legends and VALORANT developer Riot Games saw the game revived. 

Now with sound financial backing, the game looks to finally achieve its loft development goals and push for a release.

Who are Hypixel Studios?

Developer Hypixel Studio has a long history with sandbox games, having run Minecraft servers since 2013. But Minecraft developer Mojang’s decision to restrict microtransactions in servers in 2014 led Hypixel to develop their own game. 

Hypixel still runs the largest Minecraft servers in the world, holding multiple Guinness World Records to back up their claim. It makes its servers special with multiple game modes, including the hugely popular Bed Wars, SkyWars, and its unique and heavily modded SkyBlock servers. 

But Hypixel’s servers are also populated by many popular YouTubers such as Technoblade, Dream, Tommyinnit, and others. They make content on the mini-game modes, and have even found themselves involved in server-wide events. If any of these huge YouTubers decide to move over to Hytale, they’ll likely bring their massive audience with them.

What makes Hytale different from other Minecraft Clones?

There have been dozens of Minecraft clones over the years, and most if not all have failed to live up to its lofty heights. But if anyone can rip players away from Minecraft, it’ll be Hytale.

That’s because the developers have truly locked down several aspects that make Minecraft so loved. Firstly, they understand the game’s roots. The original developers of Minecraft were huge fans of the Quake FPS games, going so far as to settle legal disputes with the game. Minecraft incorporated the movement style and some of the design philosophies of Quake. Hytale developers Hypixel understand this, as seen by their inclusion of Quakecraft and deathmatch style mini-games in their servers.

Hypixel also understands that one thing that has made Minecraft so successful has been its modding scene. The team wants to ship Hytale with robust in-game customization, modding features, and more from day one. 

Зная об этих факторах, потенциально огромную базу игроков, поступающую с серверов Hypixel, и поддержку со стороны одной из крупнейших игровых компаний в мире в Riot Games, Hytale может стать огромным, если они все сделают правильно.

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