After a more than difficult launch in 2018,  World War 3 logically saw its players fleeing it, with fairly negative reviews. The developers have not given up as they have spent the last few years reworking the experience, before organizing a closed beta, reserved for those who had tested the adventure when it was released. And after several months of testing, collecting the opinion of the community, The Farm 51 is now ready to relaunch its game, open to everyone.

The studio has also announced the new release date, which is September 29, 2022 . On this date, World War 3 will enter open beta and will be available on Steam in free-to-play. All players will be able to immerse themselves in the futuristic experience and discover what’s new. Obviously, the launch of this open beta is just another step in the development of World War 3 , as the developers will continue to bring content and improvements to the tactical FPS. In fact, all players who have purchased a closed beta pack will have three-day early access, on September 26.

As a reminder, World War 3 immerses us on maps inspired by real places, in intense and tactical combat, offering confrontations on foot or in vehicles.. Two game modes will be available, Tactical Operations and Deathmatch, which can bring together up to forty players. Whether in terms of sound, optimization, visual rendering or even gameplay, many changes have been applied in recent months, to make World War 3 the game imagined by The Farm 51 several years ago .

You will be able to discover all this for yourself from September 29, on Steam.

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